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Choose your favourites (3 comics!)

If you haven’t read them you can look over here:

  1. Break a leg
  2. Raining Cats and Dogs
  3. No Hard Feelings
  4. Hit the Books
  5. What’s Eating Him?
  6. Rain Check.
  7. Go Dutch
  8. Burn the Candles on Both Ends
  9. Speak of the Devil
  10. The Apple of somebody’s Eye
  11. Give Somebody a Buzz
  12. Need/Give a lift
  13. In the Dark
  14. Ring a Bell
  15. Mind of its Own
  16. Play by Ear
  17. Green with Envy
  18. Everybody and their Grandma
  19. Grease Monkey
  20. Daylight Robbery
  21. Think outside of the Box
  22. Jack of all Trades
  23. Stand out like a sore Thumb

Another Illustrated English Idioms site

I bumped in to this site

A site that explains about idioms but more on where it comes from and how it gained it’s meaning, for example:

The art reminds me of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, it even has it’s own Iphone App 😀

Maybe i should say Hi, to professor Aidan Potts.

here is his site: