Another Illustrated English Idioms site

I bumped in to this site

A site that explains about idioms but more on where it comes from and how it gained it’s meaning, for example:

The art reminds me of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, it even has it’s own Iphone App 😀

Maybe i should say Hi, to professor Aidan Potts.

here is his site:

3 thoughts on “Another Illustrated English Idioms site

  1. Hello
    Thanks for your stumble into my site.
    I enjoyed reading your explanations of the idioms. It’s interesting to see how we differ in our approach to the same subject.
    I think your concentration on the usage of the idioms in real situations with characters is a real success.
    Your comics are a powerful way to help learn English because they entertain and teach without being dull.
    Good luck and keep up the great work.
    P.s. I’ve just started a facebook fan page where you can see the latest idioms I am drawing
    Aidan Potts

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