About I get It

“I Get It!” is a strip that appears regularly in C’nS magazine published in Indonesia. C’nS magazine is an English language teen magazine aimed at students or teenage English learners. The aim of the comic is to introduce the readers to idioms in English, comic medium is chosen because it’s practically fun to read. I get It! is now running in its second year already.

About the Author

Except for the first strip all the story and art is done by Roel or Muhammad Nurul Islam. He used to taught English at LB PP LIA where he handled basic, intermediate or conversation classes. His teaching brought him to C’n S Magazine which is published by the Pusat Penerbitan LIA.

Usually he puts his “I get it Comics” on his Deviantart account or Multiply where he usually resides, after a while he also posted them at Komikoo.com, hence he decided to put it on its own blog.

The idea for this strips comes from his teaching experience or requesst made by his wife or friends from the internet forums he is in.

Muhammad is an illustrator, teacher, editor and Graphic and Web designer you can visit his gallery at http://roelworks.deviantart.com

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  1. Hi,
    Could you help me with a project I’m looking for art help in the next 1,5 month.
    Let me know.

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