Asking for Travel Information

The “asking and giving travel information” lesson Basic 2 level is a fun but also complicated lesson to teach. One problem is most of students have never been even out of town on their own. Two, I feel them also reluctant even in Indonesian to ask for direction or other acts of exchanging travel information. Three, is even if they can construct a sentence usually the sentences are rarely in order hence even in Indonesian they are confusing.

I also figured out after a few times of teaching they had difficulties to imagine themselves traveling in an environment where Indonesia is not the main language. Especially when it comes to the last set of exercise that consisted of 3 part exercises where they have to construct a conversation based on a set of information. To make it easier for them to grasp I turn the exercises into a comic-blank-filling like exercise based on the information from the book. They simply have to fill in the blanks based on the response of the other person in the comic. Hopefully they can grasp what is going on and proceed in building the conversation.

The first page (in color) is usually done together (the whole class) as an example. The other two are given two a group of students in two. Each group will have different comic to fill in.

Did it work? Sometimes it does sometimes it don’t. But at least I had a little fun when making the comics.


This was an old post in my previous multiply page

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