Beat about the Bushes

Panel 1

Girl 1:  Phew! Finally the meeting is finished

Girl 2 :  That was a long commitee meeting, you look very tired
so how did it go?

Panel 2

Girl 1:  The meeting went fine.  but Wenny, the chair person,
likes to beat around  the bushes, making the meeting longer

Girl 2:  yeah, i can imagine that

Panel 3:

Girl 2 imagining people in bushes while Girl 1 looks as Girl 1 imagination

Girl 2: must be tiring to go around the
bushes for a meeting. Isn’t wenny also the head
of the student gardening team?

Panel 4:

Girl 1: Haha, it means that wenny doesn’t like to talk to the point the makes
meetings go longer (patting girl 2)

(the imagination pops)

Girl 2: I see, sorry, somebody replied to my wall message

In the UK it’s beat about the bush

It is also used to say when somebody is avoiding talking what is important


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