Pull Yourself Together


Comic strip explaining about the idiom "Pull Yourself Together"

Panel 1:


Girl 2: Hey, what’s the matter?

Panel 2

Girl: I just got dumped! I feel I want to get into a room and throw away the key! Aaaanggg

Girl 1: Now, now pull yourself together …

Panel 3

Girl 1; Pull? Like this…ack ack ack … (choking) – pulling her collars

Girl 2: (facepalm) ooh…brother…

Panel 3

Girl 2: It means you should control your emotions, you dummy

Girl 1: but that hurts

Girl 2: serves you right…

Based on ideas by Jho

I Get it Comics in the spotlight

Comics are considered “childish” or something not serious but for this group that consist of  Mifta Anggi Angguni, R. Adelina Fauzie, and Lukki Retno Ambarsari from the Atma Jaya Catholic University, I Get It became a case study presented at the International Conference on Translation and Interpretation Studies or TransCon 2011 held by the The Applied English Linguistics Program (LTBI), Graduate School of Atma Jaya Catholic University(for further reading go here: http://ltbiatmajaya.blogspot.com/).

The Paper being presented is: The Analysis of Idiom Translation in Relation with Semantics Theory (Theory of Meanings) Case Study: Idioms Used in Comics

Miss Adelina presenting the team's paper

I haven’t got the details yet on how the presentation went or what is it all about, but probably I’ll be hearing more from the team in the near future.

Thanks to Miss Adel and friends