What’s Eating Him?

Eating Him ComicIdiom: What it is eating (somebody)?

Something that you ask when somebody is angry and you want to know why.

(somebody) can be replaced with him/her/you or names

From Roel

I got this line from the Ice Age movie that my daughter watched about 1027 times until now. :p


No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings Comic Strip

Idiom : No Hard Feelings

It means that you don’t feel angry towards the person you have argued with (in this case have a match against)

From Roel

I notice that some (Indonesian) tend to confuse Hard with Heart or Hurt, because it almost sound the same according to Indonesian ears.

Raining Cats and Dogs

raining cats and dogs comic

Idiom: Raining Cats and Dogs

Something you said when it’s raining heavily. (old fashioned)

From Roel

The format of the comic changes from horizontal to vertical to fit into the magazine.

I’ve been hearing this “Raining cats and dogs” a lot during my teaching period at LIA and I always remember how Indonesian rainfall sounds like a whole flock of cats and dogs coming together 😀

Break a Leg

Break a a leg strip


Break a Leg

Something you say to wish someone good luck, especially when they perform for theater. Some people believe that saying good luck to an actor is ‘bad luck’ (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary).

This was my first strip, the idea came from Ibu Noni the senior editor at C’nS magazine where the commission came from.