Everybody and their Grandma

What you say when there are a lot of people.
usually only used when a lot of people have a certain article of clothing or in the same place.

Don’t use if with someone over the age of 60, or with someone you are trying to impress with your intellect. (The Urban Dictionary)

This was made on request by fellow member of the Komikoo website.

Play by Ear

Play by Ear strip

play by ear

  1. Play a musical instrument without the aid of written music, as in By the time she was four, she could play a dozen songs by ear . [Late 1600s]
  2. play it by ear .  Proceed gradually, depending on the circumstances; improvise. For example, I’m not sure how much we should say about our plans, so let’s play it by ear . [Mid-1900s]

from dictionary.com