Fish Out of Water

fish-out-of-water-final-landscapeAidan : Hey, Whatever happens to the band you were accepted after audition?

Ogie: Oh, I quit after one practicet

Aidan: What? Why?

Ogie: I feel like a fish out of water (smile)

Aidan: (imagining a fish out of water and gasping for air) OK, that means you were out of breath when practising with them? (serious face)

Ogie: (laughing): No, I just feel uncomfortable and akward there, OK I’m done see you at the cashier (points out of the picture)


According to

a fish out of water:  someone who is uncomfortable in a particular situatio


Pull Yourself Together


Comic strip explaining about the idiom "Pull Yourself Together"

Panel 1:


Girl 2: Hey, what’s the matter?

Panel 2

Girl: I just got dumped! I feel I want to get into a room and throw away the key! Aaaanggg

Girl 1: Now, now pull yourself together …

Panel 3

Girl 1; Pull? Like this…ack ack ack … (choking) – pulling her collars

Girl 2: (facepalm) ooh…brother…

Panel 3

Girl 2: It means you should control your emotions, you dummy

Girl 1: but that hurts

Girl 2: serves you right…

Based on ideas by Jho



Boy 1: Yo! Aidan wait up!

Panel 2:

Boy 1 : So, what’s your plan for the weekend.

Aidan: I’ve got a weekend job, remember? at Haris’ Pizza.

Boy 1: oh, yeah, i totally forgot about it
you told me. So how did you find the job?

Panel 3:

Aidan: usual thing, i browsed the
vacancy board
… and i used the map to
find the place

Boy 2: speechless

Panel 5:

It means What you think
or feel of your new job!


Ok, it’s actually a phrase 😀 – there are  actually  more than 20  different meanings of the word “find” either as a noun or a verb